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Kathi McCree at Texas Gulf Coast Medical
Dr. Eisen... with UT Medical (only sees 2 yrs. and older)
Dr. Rajan at Tx. Gulf Coast
Dr.Sim at TX. Gulf Coast

Dr. Kalia any of the pediatricians in her office actually.

Pearland Pediatrics on FM 518.

Dr. Injac - "no longer accepts patients who don't vax on schedule. I think Texas Childrens put the screws to him.(Also never, ever take your child to the ER at Texas Childrens if you don't vax on schedule, they have people from CPS there just waiting to cause trouble for families who decline.)" .

A neighbor of mine that is non-vax gave me this list (might not be totally up to date)

Dr Krystal Batchelor (Katy)
Dr Manso (Houston and Katy)
Dr Fowler (Katy)
Dr Ann Schoeder-Lee (Memorial City) Supportive of families right to choose vax, she herself was an EBFer, will regularly recommend LCs or chiropractors, respects families choice to bed share or co-sleep, intact educated.
Dr Micheal Knapick (Cypress) 1960 Pediatrics Accepting of alternate vax schedules. Conservative with prescriptions, recommends alternative treatments.
Dr Laural Scott (Sugarland) OK with all vax alternatives. Educated on intact care. does not recommend circumcision.

Dr Cassandra Dickerson (Sugarland) Accepts delayed/select/non vax Supports bed sharing, EBFing, understands AP choices, intact educated, ABX conservative (and makes you sign the bad mommy waiver, CROSS OUT what you disagree with, and put UNDER DURESS by your sig) .

SUGARLAND pediatrics preferred doc is Dr. Potkotter.

Dr Nellie Gross (W Houston inside 610 loop) Family practice that offers chiro, massage therapy, holistic medicine. EBF, non vax and alt vax options, co-sleeping, HB, intact and AP
Dr Jeoffrey Wolens (SW Houston inside 610 loop)
Dr Seymour Goldberg (SW Houston inside 610 loop)
Dr Benjamin Ho (SW Houston inside 610 loop)

Dr Farrior and Dr. Harper of Humble Pediatrics in Atascocita though they "inform" and try to persuade vax they accept non vaxing.

Dr. Hogan with the TX Children's Group.

1) TYLER TX area- all:

a. Dr. Kathleen Moore
Appletree Pediatrics
903.592.1890 I haven't been in with our kids to see her yet. But, from what my midwife says, several of her clients use her because she is ok with them not vaccinating.

b. Rene McCarty at the Lifetime Health Center is in Family Practice. She has been our doctor for the last 2 1/2 years because she was ok with me not vaccinating and she has a flat office visit fee of $50. We didn't have insurance until recently and so it was very affordable to go see her when one of the kids got sick. Her info is:
4290 Kinsey, Ste 200
Tyler, TX 75703
903-534-0773 website:

c. Nacogdoches Dr Aaron Polk is a family dr who doesn't do vaxing (even if you want it, he sends you somewhere else)!

d. Dr. Brent Wadle DO

UPDATE: We took the boys to their first appt with Dr Wadle this morning and we love him! His nurse and staff are fabulous too. No issues with no vaxes, no circ, extended bfeeding or cloth diapers!

SAN ANTONIO AREA: ...We have 2 doctors I know of. 1) Practical Approach Pediatrics and Pediatric Dentistry with Dr Adetona. He also didn't try to retract. 2) in Selma, Dr. Gloria Wright (Family Pracitce, DO). Not vax friendly (just didn't push us/ told me to not leave the country without revisiting the issue); intact and Breastfeeding friendly. We see her an I love her so far :) I can update later with numbers if you'd like.

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